For starters

US $0

  • 5 active lists or pages
  • 5 collaborators per list
  • 5 collaborators per page
  • 5 subtasks per to-do or page
  • 5 MB file uploads
  • Google calendar integration
  • Self-serve knowledge base


For power users

US $4

per month, billed annually

US$5 billed monthly

  • 300 active lists or pages
  • 25 collaborators per list
  • 25 collaborators per page
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Unlimited subtasks
  • Version history
  • 100 MB file uploads
  • Auto backups
  • Priority support


For teams

US $6

per user per month, billed annually

US$8 billed monthly

  • Everything in Pro
  • 500 active lists or pages
  • 50 collaborators per list
  • 50 collaborators per page
  • Team billing
  • Flexible team sizes
  • Simple team management


Can I use OhYeah for free?
Absolutely! OhYeah is completely free to use. When you need higher list and page limits or additional features like version history, you can always upgrade to the Pro or Business plan.
What is the price for the Pro plan?
You can choose to be billed either $5 per month or $48 per year. When it comes to working with a team, you can invite 25 people to your projects free of charge.
How is pricing calculated for the Business plan?
If you upgrade to Business, you’ll be charged a fee per user: either $8 per user per month or $72 per user per year. For example, if you choose monthly billing and have 10 users, you’ll be charged $80 each month. You can invite external collaborators to your lists and pages free of charge (up to 50 people per list or page).
Do you have monthly and yearly billing options?
Yes, we do! The yearly billing option is about 20% less expensive than the monthly billing option for Business and Pro plans.
How does adding users to and removing users from the Business plan work?
When users are added to the Business plan, your account will be charged a prorated amount based on the percentage of the billing cycle left at the time each user was added. If you remove users, your account will be credited in the same way.
Can I cancel at any time?
Yes, absolutely. There’s no minimum contract for OhYeah — you can cancel at any time without penalty. When you cancel your Pro plan, you will remain on the plan until the end of your billing cycle, at which time you’ll be switched back to the Free plan. When you cancel your Business plan, you will be downgraded to the Free plan immediately. All your other projects and tasks will remain intact.
Do I need to purchase a subscription on each device where I want to use OhYeah?
No, a Pro subscription gives you access to the Pro features across all of your devices.
Who has access to Business plan billing
Only Teamspace admins can manage workspace billing.
How does team Business plan billing work
Billing for Business plans is done on a per-teamspace basis which means that each team workspace is billed separately by the number of members in each billing cycle.

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