OhYeah is built as an offline first app, meaning it stores a local copy of all your to-dos and notes directly on your device. This allows you to access and work on your tasks even when you're offline, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.

However, on rare occasions, the local database of OhYeah may encounter issues. If you find that the app is not loading or behaving as expected, there's no need to worry. OhYeah's servers also maintain a copy of all your to-dos and notes, acting as a reliable backup.

To resolve any loading issues, simply sign out of OhYeah and sign back in. This triggers the creation of a fresh local database on your device and retrieves all your to-dos and notes from the server. With this simple step, you can restore the app's functionality and continue working seamlessly.


Will I lose my data?
No. We store all your to-dos and notes on our servers. Any to-dos or notes that haven't been sent to our servers will retry.
Is offline first mode faster?
Yes. All your data is stored locally so we doesn't have to go to our servers to retrieve yyour to-dos and notes.