Categories help you get complex projects under control by breaking them down into smaller parts.

Sometimes a project can get quite complicated, with dozens of to-dos in one long list. With Categories, you can break that list up into smaller parts like sections or milestones.

Create a new category

  1. Open the List Menu in the list you want to add categories to.
  2. Select Categories from the list menu.
  3. Give the new category a name and color then press Add.
  1. On your iPad or iPhone, open OhYeah.
  2. Tap one of your Projects.
  3. At the top of your screen, tap New Heading.

💡Tip: Insert a new category anywhere by dragging the along the left edge of the screen (iPhone) or between the sidebar and to-do list (iPad). A keyboard shortcut is available for iPad users with hardware keyboards.

Drag the + button along the left edge of the to-do list to insert a category.

Headings are only available in projects. This feature is not available in areas or any other list.

Group selected to-dos under a new category

  1. Select the to-do you want to add the new category to. This will open the Task Details panel.
  2. In the task details panel select the new category from the Category section..

The to-dos you’ve selected will move under the new category.

You need a hardware keyboard to use this feature with your iPad.

  1. On your iPad, open OhYeah.
  2. In the sidebar, tap one of your Projects.
  3. Select a group of to-dos that aren’t under a category yet.
  4. Hit ⌘ Cmd ⌥ Opt ⇧ Shift N.

Don’t have a hardware keyboard? No problem. Just create a category first and then move selected to-dos under the category.

This feature is only available on Mac and iPad. But you can just create a new category and then move selected to-dos under it.

Move a category

When you move a category, any to-dos under it will be moved as well. There are several ways to move a category:

  • Drag it to another place in the list.
  • Drag it in the Categories panel.
  • Tap and hold the category and drag it to another place in the list.
  • Next to the category, tap Move to move it to another project.

On an iPad, you can also open two OhYeah windows side-by-side and drag a category from one project to another.