With OhYeah, not only can you easily add notes to your to-dos, but you can also customize how you view your to-dos for optimal organization. Beyond the default list view, OhYeah offers a range of versatile options to suit your preferred workflow.

By offering these various views, OhYeah empowers you to tailor your to-do management experience to your unique preferences and workflows. Experiment with different views to find the one that enhances your productivity and allows you to organize your to-dos effectively.

View layouts

There are six different ways to visualize your to-dos. Here's a high level overview of each layout:

List layout: The default minimal, vertical layout of your to-dos that lets you complete them with one click.

Kanban layout: This view groups your to-dos by a field or category. For example, use it as a Kanban board to move an to-dos through phases of a process.

Table layout: If you prefer a more structured tabular view, OhYeah offers a table view that presents your to-dos in a grid-like format.

Calendar layout: For a calendar-oriented perspective, you can switch to the calendar view, where your to-dos are displayed in a calendar format.

Timeline layout: If you're working on projects with specific timelines, the timeline view is a powerful tool. It provides a visual representation of your to-dos along a chronological axis, giving you a clear picture of deadlines and dependencies.

Gallery layout: If you prefer a more visual and immersive experience, you can explore the gallery view. This view showcases your to-dos with rich media elements such as images and videos, providing a visually appealing way to navigate and engage with your tasks.

Changing the default view layout for a list

You can change the default view of your list by:

  1. Go to the list you want to change the view of, click the View MenuView AsChange Default View.
  2. Select the view layout in the Default View dropdown.
  3. Click Save to save it.
  4. Your list will change to the view layout you selected.
  1. On your iPad or iPhone, open OhYeah.
  2. Tap to create a new to-do.
  3. When you’re done creating the new to-do, tap the button in the upper right to dismiss the keyboard.
  4. At the bottom of your screen, tap Repeat.
  5. Set the pattern: to-dos can repeat according to a fixed schedule or after the previous to-do has been completed.
  6. Tap Save.

You can also make an existing to-do repeat. Tap it, and then at the bottom of your screen, tap Repeat.

iPad users with a hardware keyboard can also use a keyboard shortcut.


Can I view my to-dos in a different layout without changing the default view?
Yes. Click the View MenuView As → then select the View as layout option you would like. This will not change the default view.