With OhYeah, adding notes to your to-dos is a simple task. Whether it's a quick line or an in-depth description with plans, images, videos, references, or brainstorming, you can capture it all.

As your notes expand in length, maintaining a structured format becomes increasingly valuable for easy access to relevant information. Discover how OhYeah can assist you in organizing your notes effectively.

Structure notes with bullets

Bullet lists in OhYeah are as easy to use as typing - followed by a space. You can use them to organize information so that it is easy to read and parse.

In addition to using - for bullets, you can also type *, +, or 1.. To indent or nest lists, simply put the cursor in front of the bullet and hit the Space key.

Format text with Markdown

You can style the text in the notes section **bold**, *italic*, or ::highlight:: phrases that deserve extra attention. In long notes, add structure with # Headings.


Can I hide the Markdown syntax?
Yes. Any Markdown used is hidden.
Can I style my to-do titles?
In order to keep your lists looking tidy, the styling will not show in to-do titles or names of projects or areas. For eye-catching titles, consider using emojis.
Can I change the text color or size?
Yes, changing the font size via heading and changing the color is supported.
Can I hide links behind text?
Yes, you can give your links titles.
Can I use buttons instead of writing these special characters?
Yes, there are menu options.
Can I add images to my notes?
Yes, images and attachments are supported.